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Исполнитель: The Beatles
Композиция, песня: The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record
Просмотров: 53
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Лирика, слова, текст песни «The Beatles - The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record» (Song Lyrics)


(J): Now you lads, will you just shout Happy Christmas for us
for this tape, eh?

(?): Happy Christmas?

(J): Yeah. Go on. One, two, three.

(All): Happy Christmas!

(J): Thank you. Same to you. Ha, ha. Happy Christmas.

(Yoko): ... Christmas, John, and I see you strolling in
Ascot Garden with your wife, Yoko, but well, do you
have any special thoughts at, for Christmas?

(J): Well, Yoko, it is Christmas and my special thoughts,
of course, turn towards eating.

(Y): Ha! Ha! Ha! All right. So, eating. Well, what do you like to eat?

(J): Well, I'd like some cornflakes prepared by Parisian
hands. And I'd like it blessed by Hari Krishna Mantra.

(G): "Yes, have a wonderful Christmas.
Have a jolly new year.
Make sure that Christmas...
... comes once a year."
Yes, Happy New Year. All the best.
This is George Harrison saying Happy Christmas. Happy
Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. Happy. Happy...

(R): (Singing)
Ooh, good evening to you ladies,
Good evening to you gentlemen,
Happy to be here,
Good evening to you gentlemen,
I fear, I fear, I fear.
Good evening to you one and all
I hope you will enjoy
The coming sports day of your life
Is mama's little boy.

(Y): So, how do you like the garden here?

(J): I think it's simply splendid. I'm overwhelmed by its

(Y): So, you don't mind these high gates and things and the walls?

(J): Oh, I've always loved the high walls. The Elizabethan high
wall is something I've always loved. You see

(Y): Yes

(J): Lady

(P): (Singing)
This is to wish you, a merry, merry Christmas
This is to wish you just a merry, merry year
This say to wish you just a happy, happy new year
This is to wish you a merry, merry, merry new year

(P): I'd like to say that I hope everybody listening to this
has a very happy time at Christmas and has a good,
fortunate, lucky New Year. And a good time to be had by

(P): (Singing)
"Merry Christmas!
Mm, this is to wish you a me-merry, merry Christmas,
This is to wish you a ha-ha-happy new year."

(J): How do you see your place in the ...eh...the seventies to
come? We've had the swinging sixties, and I was wondering, Mrs. Lennon, how you
saw your place in the seventies?

(Y): I think it'll be a quiet, peaceful seventies, hopefully, you know.

(J): So you think there's gonna be peace, do you?

(Y): Yes, and freedom.

(J): I see.

(Y): Freedom of mind. And everything.

(J): I see. Really nice.

(Y): Everybody will just be flying around, you know.

(J): Ah, everybody will just be flying around, you see. D'you
understand that?

(Y): The air's so crisp and all that. And just, there's
something about it, very delicate...

(J): (Singing)
Deep and crisp and even,
Brightly shone the moon that night
On the misty cruel.
Good King Wenceslas last look out
On the feast of....

(Y): ... and it's sort of, ah, like a strange magic, you know,
just slowing down the process of our thinking. Anyway,
it's just really beautiful.

(J), (Y): (Singing)
Happy Christmas - (Happy Christmas)
Happy Christmas - (Happy Christmas)
Happy Christmas - (Happy Christmas)
Happy New Year.

(J): Take two.

(J), (Y): (Singing)
Happy Christmas,
Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy Christmas - (Happy Christmas)
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, happy Christmas - (hah-ah-ah-ah-ah)
Oh-oh-oh-oh, happy Christmas.

John, Yoko,
John, happy Christmas
It�s warm and nice and comfy in Ascot.
Ac-dc lights.

(Y): Let's put the lights on the trees.

(J): Alright, dear. You pass me the light (*lights?) and I'll string
it on (*stick it to?) the tree. (*ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....?)

(R): Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas..... Magic Christian,
Magic Christian, Magic Christian, Magic Christian...
(*Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas -
Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas -
Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas -
Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas -
Merry Christmas - magic Christian - magic Christian -
Magic Christian - magic Christian - magic Christian -
Magic Christian

It's just a plug for the film, Ken. Try and keep it on.
This is Ringo Starr saying Merry Christmas to ev'rybody
and a (*very?) happy new year.

(*"ha ha ha ha ha...."?)

(J): I'd like a big teddy!
(Y): I'll get you a big, pink teddy bear.
(J): Oh, thank you, mummy.
(Y): And be a good boy, John.
(J): Oh, yes, mummy, I will. As long as you get me a teddy
(Y): A big, pink teddy bear.
(J): And a train set.
(Y): American train set then?
(J): And a man on the moon that goes on the moon and down to (*dance on?)
the moon.
(Y): An ice cream moon then?
(J): That's right. And lots and lots and lots and lots and
lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and
(*(Y): Ha ha ha ha ha....?)

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