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Исполнитель: Mark Ronson
Композиция, песня: Heavy And Rolling
Просмотров: 274
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Лирика, слова, текст песни «Mark Ronson - Heavy And Rolling» (Song Lyrics)

Start up the engine, we're heavy and rolling
Tankful of gas and the night is young
Don't know you, don't care where you're going
To the High Line or the heart of the sun

My sweet companion is long as the summer
Black as the river and built to glide
Smooth as glass, smooth as Marcus Miller
Cold as ice when you climb inside

When the city's flowing
I found a way to move my weary soul
Ridin' straight and low
Stay heavy and rolling

You deal in ducats, you deal in illusion
Pay for pleasure with your pretty face
You confuse war and prostitution
In my starship I sail freely through space

When the city's flowing
I found a way to move my weary soul
Ridin' straight and low
Stay heavy and rolling

I was lost and lonely like you
Hollow-eyed and broken inside
Then I found something lasting and true
A beautiful ride

Might have to wait to start in on your drinking
All of Hell's Kitchen's standing in that line
I'll be here, living in my Lincoln
Occupying space and conquering time

When the city's flowing
I found a way to move my weary soul
Ridin' straight and low
Stay heavy and rolling

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