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Исполнитель: Eminem & Rihanna
Композиция, песня: With Smiley (Parody Of Without Me)
Просмотров: 34
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Лирика, слова, текст песни «Eminem & Rihanna - With Smiley (Parody Of Without Me)» (Song Lyrics)

Intro: (Obie Trice)
“Obie Trice, real name no gimmicks…”

Refrain 1
2 trailer park girls go round the inside, round the inside, round the inside
(Repeat Refrain 1)

Refrain 2
Guess who's black, black again? Smiley's black, tell a friend. Guess who's
black, guess who's black, Guess who's black, guess who's black, Guess who's
black, guess who's black, guess who's black

Verse 1
I've created a monster, 'cause nobody wants to see Shady no more
They want Smiley I'm chopped liver
Well if you want Smiley, this is what I'll give ya
A little bit of seeds mixed with some hard liquor
Some binaca that'll jumpstart my heart quicker
Then a shock when I get shocked at the Hospital
By the Dr. when I'm not cooperating
When he's rocking the table while I'm masturbating (Hey!)
You waited this long so stop debating
'cause I'm back, I'm on a fag and ejaculating
I know that you got a job Ms. Cheney
But your husband's heart problem's complicating
So the FCC won't let me leave, or let me be me so watch me flee
They tried to shut me down on EmTV, but it feels so empty with Smiley
So come on you prick, jump on a dick rotate, on the dick and suck some dick
And get ready 'cause this shit's about to get heavy
I just got in all cop pursuits, “F**K YOU DEBBIE!”

Chorus x2
Now this ain't like a job for me
So everybody just let me be
'cause we need a little penis envy
'cause it feels so empty with Smiley

Verse 2
Little hellions, kids feeling rebellious
Embarrassed, their parents still listen to Elvis
They start feeling like prisoner's pelvis
‘Till someone comes along a mission and yells “dick”
A missionary, vision is scary, could start a resolution
Pollutin' the air waves a rebel
So let me just revel and tact, in the fact that I got everyone kissing my ass
And it's a disaster such a catastrophe
For you to see so damn much of my ass you ask Smiley?
Well, I'm black
(Batman sound) Fix your bent antennae tune it in and then I'm gonna enter in
and up under your skin like a splinter
The center of perfection, back for the winter I'm interesting
The less thing since wrestling
Infesting in your kids ears and resting
Testing “Attention Please” feel the tension soon as someone mentions me
Here's my 10 cents and my ass cheeks are free
A nuisance, who sent, you sent Smiley?

Chorus x2

Verse 3
A tisk-it a task-it, I'll go tit for tat with
Anybody who's taking this shit that shit
Chris Kirkpatrick you can get your ass flipped
Worse than ‘em little Limp Bizkit bastards
And Moby, you can get bombed by Dolby
This 36-year-old bald headed fag sold me
He don't know me, he's too old, let it go, move over, nobody listens to Techno
Now let's go, just give weed the signal, I'll be there with a whole crew full
of new imbeciles
I've been doped, suspenseful with a pencil ever since Prince turn himself into
a symbol
But sometimes the shit just seems, everybody only wants to disgust me
So this must mean I'm Smite Smiley
But it's just me I'm just smiling
Though I'm not the first queen of controversy
I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley
To do Black Music so selfishly
And use it to get myself healthy (Hey!)
There's a concept that works
20 million other white rappers submerge
But it matters how many fish in the sea
When it will be so empty with Smiley

Chorus x2

(Hum dei dei la la, Hum dei dei la la… la la la) x2 “Kids”

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