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Исполнитель: 2pac
Композиция, песня: The Case Of The Misplaced Mic II
Просмотров: 11
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Лирика, слова, текст песни «2pac - The Case Of The Misplaced Mic II» (Song Lyrics)

They finally did it, what's that? They stole the mic I grip
Now that it's gone, what's wrong? I'm feelin' tired and sick
How did they do it? I don't know I wasn't sleepin' that long
When I woke up, what happened brotha? My microphone was gone

First I paniced, how? I put the cops on the case
But they was stumped, damn without a clue or a trace
So as sure as smoking cigarettes is bad for your health
If I want my microphone back I'll find it myself

So I picked up the phone, for what? I called Dizzy, what's up?
My mics gone, what? Let's get busy
Before I could tell Dizzy what I wanted to do
He was over at my house with the TMS crew

He said, "Word is out on every mouth on the street
Now that your mic is gone it's not long 'til your beat"
And then it hit me, damn I got a battle at six
Without my microphone I'm guaranteed to get whipped

You might think it's unbelievable but word to the strength
When it comes to rockin' rhymes I'm a musical nimth
They gave me other mics but yo it wasn't no use
I tried to rock it, one-two one-two but I couldn't get loose

I said forget it your microphone or not
I got to do this give it all that I got, yo what if ya lose?
It'd be the first time I lost
But if I beat 'em it'd finally prove I'm the boss

I grabbed my leather jacket walked through the streets
Suckers was hopin' and prayin' strictly dope won't get beat
I begin to get hyped, I was ready to fight
Yo I was confident that I win to hell with the mic

I hop on to the stage Dizzy started the beat
The sucka shivered because he tasted defeat
Then I signaled to Dizzy and Busta Rhyme with my head
Perpetrator fell back, ha, and then he was dead

I was happy as hell 'cause I was lucky that night
Put my hand in my pocket and there was my mic
Haha, now why you tell 'em that?
The case of the misplaced mic

I'm down with strictly dope
So? That means I'm more than you can handle
Hot? I'm hotter than the wax from a candle
Me? That's Rock T he's my microphone companion
Lyrics? Full of knowledge truth and understandin'

Hobbies? Rappin' is my only recreation
Retire? You must be on some kind of medication
Why? 'Cause I'll never loosen' up my mic grip
Drugs? Never 'cause I'm livin' on the right tip

Sex? Only with my girl becasue I love her
Babies? Impossible I always use a rubber
Board? Rarely 'cause I'm keepin' myself busy
Scratch? Nah, I leave the cuttin' up to Dizzy

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