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Исполнитель: Machine head
Композиция, песня: Colors
Просмотров: 13
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Лирика, слова, текст песни «Machine head - Colors» (Song Lyrics)

I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking
King of my jungle just a gangster stalking
Living life like a firecracker quick is my fuse
Then dead as a deathpack the colors I choose
Red or Blue, Cuz or Blood, it just don't matter
Sucker die for your life when my shotgun scatters
We gangs of C.A. will never die - just multiply colors

You don't know me, fool
You disown me, pfs
I don't need your assistance, social persistence
Any problem I got I just put my fist in
My life is violent but violence is life
Peace is a dream, reality is a knife
My colors, my honour, my colors, my all
With my colors upon me one soldier stand tall
Tell me what have you left me, what have I got
Last night in cold blood my boy Eddie got shot
My homeboy got jacked
My momma's on crack
My sister can't work cause her arms show tracks
Violent insanity live in profanity
Then some punk claimin' they understandin' me
Give me a break, what world do you live in
Death is my sect, guess my religion

My pants are saggin' fucked up hair
Busters stare but I don't care
My game ain't knowledge my game's fear
I've no remorse so muthafucka beware
But my true mission is just revenge
You ain't in my sect, you ain't my friend
Wear the wrong color your life could end
Homicides my favorite binge colors

So I'll just walk like a giant, police defiant
You'll say to stop but I'll say that I can't
My gangs my family its all that I have
I'm a star, on the wall is my autograph
You don't like it, so you know where you can go
Cause the streets are my stage and terror's my show
Psycho-analyse try, diagnose me why
It wasn't your brother that brutally died
But it was mine, so let me define
My territory don't cross the line

Don't try to act crazy
Cause that shit won't faze me
If you ran like a punk
It wouldn't amaze me
Cause my colors' death
Though we all want peace
But our war won't end,
Till all wars cease

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