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Исполнитель: Cee Lo Green
Композиция, песня: I Am Selling Soul
Просмотров: 18
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Лирика, слова, текст песни «Cee Lo Green - I Am Selling Soul» (Song Lyrics)

I am the music... (I am...)
I've yet to define myself as just, one thing. (I am...)
Let's just say that

I am the actual and factual supernatural... sight and surrounds
Signification of conversation
Two or more words rhyming in song form or spoken syncupation
Heh, the reason the rudery reanimation and realization of life is rhythm
I am the heartbeat and the heartache, the here and now
I am the purpose, the point... the living proof of a god somewhere
The lifeline, lifelike laserbeam, the progression and direction
Always will be always was
What all comes from and all must return
The center of a perfect circle, I am your soul
Music of your mind
Each feeling causing each function to be in conjunction with the music
I am the music...


I am the music

[beat changes]

Let's get started shall we, cause you know it's time gone
Every time these niggaz rhyme wrong
So uhh, lights, camera, action I'm on
I'll have them standing in line to get their mind blown
I'm selling soul
Rapping and singing and screaming and yelling soul
Manufacturing, marketing, pricing, packaging, and e-mailing soul
With no rehearsal, this one verse'll whole hearse you
Now a commercial, but what I must first do
is make my presentation a bit more personal
Everything must go - for a small price you can have the heart of me
There is no part of me that can't be calculated into a commodity
My musings amount to a milestone a million miles above monotony
And it'll make you feel so good, it got to be God, it got to be
I paint prophecy, you know airbrush atrocity with philosophy
And people ask me am I gon' preach one of these days
and I just tell 'em "possibly"
If you let me, I'll end up being everything probably
And obviously it's like any other job would be so you
might as well thank God for me
But isn't it amazing, how the antenna ain't nothing but a sinner
You just can't go and be ordained over dinner
Now I can interest an intellectual or A-B-C it for a beginner
But yes my seasons still change, and it is almost winter
And it give it to you at God-speed, but yet it's gentle
And when I rhyme I make reading fundamentals or even black and white
My lyric is live and living color, my flow if fluorescent
Like scripture highlighted in bright yellow
And all this for $9.99, shit that's wonderful
And the great thing about it is, if you disagree you're money's refundable
But there's always something rewarding, about every Cee-Lo Green recording
Cuz even after all your expenses people still aspire affording
It's incredible how convincing I can be with a camera pointed at me
But really sometimes rapping feel like tapping to make a cracker happy
But when the DAT play and the beat get bumping like adolescent acne
It's kinda sad but it's showtime, my sentiment exactly
So don't get mad, everybody's doing it
You know you wouldn't mind a commercial with your own tennis shoe in it
Whether you're selling a dream, selling a scheme, or playing a role
Like it or not we're selling soul...

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