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Исполнитель: Tech N9ne
Композиция, песня: Last Words
Просмотров: 23
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Лирика, слова, текст песни «Tech N9ne - Last Words» (Song Lyrics)

[Dr. Frazier]
I know you dislike coming here
But what these sessions are for Aaron
Is so you can release all the hostility that you hold inside yourself
I just want you to relax
And keep in mind that this is a safe place
So feel free to curse, cry or any other emotion that might occur during todays visit.
These sessions are confidential
I am only here to listen and not to judge
I'm just here to help you bring the things that are bottled up within.. out

[Verse 1]
Fuck everybody, who doubted me
And said my movements a fallecy
I'm loud and these pussies don't even know how to be
This is the rowdy me
Straight malicious and clowdy me
Demons have crowded me and I really gotta get'em up out of me

Ya'll ain't ever known
What's really inside of my dome
Play like I'm weak when I'm strong
So I can peep the ones wrong
They obsolete 'coz I'm gone
This is a speech to condone
I got the beast in my bones
And Ya'll bout to reap the unknown

I had every woman you saw Tecca Nina hang wit
Most of there friends they see daily, I dug out and came wit
How can I do this 'coz my brain, it stay on insane shit
Never can a nigga say no names but it's hella pain to retain this
Black's the blood in my veins, how can I cleanse it and drain this?
Disaster was in my lane, but a nigga pinned it and framed it
After me know one thing, who remain on the Strange list?
Have to leave out with a bang, stuck off in the rain, now I hang bitch

What more can I say to you?.. I
Talk until my face is blue.. I
Don't look like I'm crazy do I?
Do you feel me? *It's my last words*

What more can I say to you?.. I
Talk until my face is blue.. I
Don't look like I'm crazy do I?
Can you hear me? *It's my last words*

(Dr. Frazier)
Talk about some of the things that really eat away at you..
like your career, your music
And don't hold back Aaron, 'coz again these sessions
are to extract the things that could possibly make you explode

[Verse 2]
When y'all listen to my music I think ya'll take it lightly
But I been raw since the beginning just ask my Uncle Ikey
He will tell you royalty's been planted deep in my psyche
All you peasants hail the king just call me AARON almighty

So when you critique my music you sound like fools to me
And I dont think you deserve to hear another jewel from me
The industry cheated me, repeatedly cruel to me
So now I act conceded guess you needed no grooves from me

I've had it, I'm tired mane
You niggas is fired mane
'Cause you know me and Travis was supposed to inherit thee entire thang
I'm normal, I've never admired fame
I'm just famous cause I'm a fuck up and ya'll desired pain

So don't talk to me when you see me
Awfully's how you treat me
Off of me, everybody leave me, it costed me never was it easy
So say goodbye to the bad guy a nigga dont have anymore to sell you
This might be the last time you hear a bad guy like Tecca Nina baby, let me tell you

What more can I say to you?.. I *Yeah*
Talk until my face is blue.. I
Don't look like I'm crazy do I?
Do you feel me? *Supposed to be more than this man *

What more can I say to you?.. I
Talk until my face is blue.. I
Don't look like I'm crazy do I?
Can you hear me? *I'm outta here*

See I've been inside out
Ya'll heard the best of it
Got no more to give
There ain't no rest of it.. there
I'm all out there but ya'll don't care
I got no more to bare, yeah.

What more can I say to you?.. I *That's right*
Talk until my face is blue.. I *Fuck It*
Don't look like I'm crazy do I?
Can you feel me? *I gave everything I could give*

What more can I say to you?.. I
Talk until my face is blue.. I
Don't look like I'm crazy do I?
Do You feel me?

*I don't wanna hear nothin' else man, I just wanna
Go somewhere with my children, man
Disappear, like dear God
Make me a bird so I can fly
Fly far away from here
Tech N9ne*

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