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Исполнитель: Tech N9ne
Композиция, песня: Here Comes Tecca Nina
Просмотров: 67
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Лирика, слова, текст песни «Tech N9ne - Here Comes Tecca Nina» (Song Lyrics)

Voiceover: "Message marked urgent"
Announcer: Hey hey hey, what's sizzlin' everybody
Northside, southside, east and west
I'd like to welcome everybody to Absolute Power, baby
This is big Krizz Kaliko reportinfrom Kansas City, Missouri
Bout to world premiere another one of those other ones
from that psycho y'all know and love, my nigga, Tech N9ne!

(Verse 1)
I be bustin' (bustin') parents be fussin' and cussin'
Cuz all I talk about is silicone and muffins (muffins)
So if you didn't come to hear some strip club hits
Then get the hell on cause I'm gettin' my mail on; I'm hustlin'
I'm talkin' about foes and I'm talkin' bout fans and kitties
I'm talkin' about hoes and I'm talkin' bout Kansas City
Thats where I dwell wit wit, my my bills
And I, I, I will pop hot rocks for real
Venomous, when it gets HOT
The Tech straight killin' hatas, when it gets ROCK
The sex rates genemater, so dont miss SHOT
Spits quick game innovator
Chick generator quick trip James Lemonator
This is the beginnin' of blingin' and houses and women
Welcomin' angels and demons and cowards are sent it
I'm alive and well but demise will bring ghost stories
When I rise in hell them alive will still vote for me

Watch out, cuz here comes Tecca Nina
Roll out, cuz here comes Tecca Nina
Drop down, cuz here comes Tecca Nina
Here comes Tecca Nina
Here comes Tecca Nina
Here comes Tecca Nina

(Verse 2)
Bonzai, baby everyone's high
Smokin' and drinkin' and poppin' so hurry come fly
Cuz I plenty rolled, and I got plenty dough
And we got plenty hoes, we roll on 24's
What it is, what it was, what it shall be
What the bliz, what the L, where the Belvi
Caribou Lou is 151 and Malibu Rum and pineapple
So whats this weakness you tryinto sell me
I represent, the Rouge Dawg Villain niggas
Betta repent, the foes all feelin' triggas
You got me tempt, we rolls all billa scrilla
Roll call villain killas, froze y'all fill in millas
This be the best time
To bust ya best rhyme
You bring ya best rhyme
I'm on yo next line
And when I flex mine
I see respect signs
Call the request line
And just say TECH N9NE!


(Verse 3)
They call me Tecca Nina, that be my nick name
I often wreck arenas, most of em chicks man
Spoil us wit checks and Visa, thats how we spit game
Havin' them bless the weiner, I love to get brain
Four chicks in the back of the truck
Backin' it up, suckin' on tongues laughin' it up
Gassed in the cut, bustin' the buns slappin' it up
Quick wrappin' it up, we trust wit no funds
Then passin' the butt
Absolute when I shoot the shit
Choose the chicks wit flows that you used to get
Take em to Adam's house, and rat em out
Or take em down to Wes' get breastes up in ya face
And scat em out
Make room, for the crew and beats that thump
I got the sickness horny chicks mighty mind B
Straight doom, for the crew that see it like chumps
I bring em six-six triple eight forty-six, ninety nine three

(Hook) 2x

End of message: Hey yo Tech, wussup, it's yo nigga Kutt man
Hey I'm lovin that shit nigga
Make sure you do that Kansas City shit dogg
You know what I'm sayin, rep the town

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